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2 Tips For Customers On An Online Freight Exchange

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However, not all these people know how to make the most of the system. Whether you work for yourself as a haulier or for a larger organisation, you should be proactive when you encounter such potential customers by being friendly, honest and straightforward with them, you earn not only that single person’s trust, but you’re also planting the seeds of positive word of mouth marketing.

Here are three tips you can give potential clients that may need a carrier’s services.

Sending Shipments as a Full Load

Many consumers may not be aware of the benefits of shipping in a certain way, and they could easily encounter confusion on the freight exchange, with so many players trying to get their attention. As a good carrier, you should immediately establish trust when a potential customer enquires about the possibility of doing business with you. One good tip you can give them is the prospect of shipping their goods as a full load, as compared with shipping with the goods of other parties taking up the rest of the cargo space. Sending goods as a full load is often a cheaper and better solution, not to mention faster and more convenient. Even if they don’t have to have enough goods to actually completely fill a truck or container, the secret is in understanding the tipping point. You can help a potential customer calculate if shipping their goods as a full load will be cheaper in this, or future instances.

Booking Shipments in Advance

Like many other things, scheduling deliveries or shipments as far ahead as possible can give the customer more leeway as far as finding the right carrier and the best deals are concerned. Many people who log on to a freight exchange are last-minute shippers trying to send goods as fast as possible because they have run out of time, but as a respectable carrier with an eye on the future, this is an important tip you can impart to a potential client. Explain to them that booking and confirming freight space in advance gives them access to as much cargo capacity as they need and they will also not be saddled with extra charges that are usually applied to rush shipments. Planning ahead also gives the customer access to any number of cheaper options.

How to be Success Business Marketing In Frisco

indexKnow the key and tips to be success on your business. how be like that ?

In our classes, you’ll learn how important one specific avenue of online business marketing in Frisco, TX is social media marketing.

While people certainly spend a significant amount of time online shopping, they spend the majority of their time connecting with other people – chatting, looking for events to attend, exchanging videos. Think about the number of times you’ve picked up your smartphone or tablet just to ‘check in’ on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Multiply your checking in by millions and you’ll understand why your business needs to find its way to social media.

At Osky University in Frisco, we’ll give you some tips to help you get started or maximize your social media marketing:

Decide which social media platforms you want to use. The best way to know which platform is right for your business is by checking out your competition. Check their Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles and find out how many followers they have on each. If they have more on Facebook than Twitter (or vice versa), that’s a good indicator that that particular social media platform will work better for you, too.

Make your social media profiles personal. Include a picture of yourself or your employees and relate some personal information like your background and why you started your business to connect on a more human level with anyone who finds you online. Be sure to include a link, where possible, to your company’s website as well.

Add social media buttons to your website. If you have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or more, make sure you have the corresponding button icons for each on your website to make it easier for your potential customers to check out your profiles and to learn more about you.

Post often on your social media profile pages. You also shouldn’t overdo your posting. For Facebook, once a day is enough. For Pinterest, a couple of times a day is sufficient. For Google+ and Twitter, the more you post, the better.

Make sure your posts are interesting. Try to share photos, videos and graphics as often as possible as these are more attention-grabbing. But no matter what you share, make sure it’s interesting and relevant to your business and what your customers may be looking for from you.

Don’t forget to follow back. Check the profiles of people who follow you and decide if you want to follow them back. You may lose followers if you don’t do this regularly as people expect it and it adds to the idea that there are actual humans running your business.